Systech and BECL launch new vehicle inspection program in Bermuda

Bermuda Emissions Control, Ltd. and its partner Systech International today began inspecting vehicles for emissions and road worthiness in three new inspection facilities in Bermuda.

The Bermuda Transport Control Department (TCD) has contracted BECL to design, build, equip and operate a central vehicle inspection facility in Hamilton and two satellite facilities in Rockaway and Southside.  BECL contracted with Systech to design, integrate and install safety and emissions equipment in addition to a Vehicle Inspection Database (VID). April 6 was the grand opening of the new stations.  The Hamilton station, adjacent to TCD, has three lanes for cars and light trucks plus one lane for motorcycles.  The design and location of the new building also provides public access to the licensing offices as well as offering an improved and expanded parking arrangement. Each satellite station has one lane that is designed to inspect all types of vehicles.

Systech’s fully integrated safety and emission inspection lanes manage a computer controlled process that is linked to a central VID in real-time. The VID makes inspection information instantly available to the licensing office and provides TCD with real-time reporting, quality assurance and auditing tools to help oversee the program.

In each lane, Systech’s high-tech emissions test analyzers, tailored to the specific program requirements in Bermuda, provide automated testing of vehicle exhaust.  The analyzers are networked in the lanes with automated equipment for the assessment of vehicle components including: lights (head and brake), reflectors and direction indicators; steering; brakes; tires; seat belts and general items (visual and auditory inspection).

On this first day of operations, 184 vehicles were inspected and about 80% passed.  Owners of vehicles that did not pass inspection received a detailed, computer generated report of the mechanical and/or emission related components that require repairs and a list of certified repair shops capable of performing the necessary repairs to affect a pass on retest of their vehicle.  Owners are granted one month in which to complete the necessary repairs to obtain a retest without additional charge.

“The new program is going to greatly improve the quality of service to the customer,” said Mr. Ian Hind, Director of Operations, BECL.  The three new stations replace two former government run stations.  Mr. Hind added, “Our system is objective, repeatable, consistent, transparent and auditable.  Customers can watch the entire inspection process, and standards are set by the computer system to ensure that pass/fail determinations are fair and accurate.”

The contract with TCD to maintain and operate the inspection program is for five years plus a potential five year extension.  The program will inspect approximately 42,000 vehicles per year.

“We are pleased with the smooth start-up of the Bermuda inspection program,” said Mr. Lothar Geilen, President & CEO of Systech International.  “We look forward to continuing the great relationship with BECL and TCD that has brought us to this successful opening day.”