Opus launches a new website to support its growing organization

Www.opus.global went live 2nd July 2018.

Why a new website?

A unified and cohesive web presence for our growing Opus organization:
✓Presents us as a serious and innovative global player that can grow as we strive to achieve our strategic ambitions.
✓Provides potential customers with an overview of our scale, services and impact
✓Brings together our divisions across the globe, presenting clear, consistent and useful information and
✓Guides our current and future customers, employees and investors to what is relevant to them, quickly and efficiently
✓Supports our share price by communicating our market and technology leadership

A phased launch

  1.  Opus.global English website (with Swedish Investor content) -live 2nd July 2018
  2.  Current opusinspection.com and opus.se to remain live through initial launch testing phase
  3.  Organization review and enhancements (feedback mechanism established to capture comments)
  4.  Swedish website live (August)
  5.  Further functional developments, enhanced news feed etc
  6.  Current opus.se switch-off (August)
  7.  Spanish website live (Q3-4)
  8.  Current opusinspection.com switch-off (Q3, once new site reviewed and important improvements actioned)