Emission Programs

Opus Inspection manages vehicle emissions inspection programs that offer turn-key solutions for government agencies seeking to meet the US EPA and other government standards for air quality attainment.  Opus Inspection provides all of the services needed for any program including:

  • Staffing and training
  • Inspector licensing and certification
  • Software development, deployment and maintenance
  • Program auditing and oversight
  • Financial management
  • Public relations management and advertising
  • Data analysis and reporting


an Opus Inspection subsidiary, operates centralized vehicle inspection programs and remote sensing services in Colorado, Indiana, Maryland, Ohio, and Tennessee.

Opus Inspection provides all of the equipment and technology used in vehicle emission  inspection programs including:

  • Unified Vehicle Emission Database (uVID) built on leading information technologies:
    • Enterprise Network Architecture
    • Multilayered Security Framework
    • Windows Server 2008 R2: The latest Microsoft OS for uVID platform
    • Microsoft SQL Server 2008 R2: Relational database, analysis processing, Data Transformation, and Reporting Services for uVID database, data warehouse, and data access tools
    • Microsoft .NET Software development platform for custom uVID presentation layer and web services
    • Devexpress Framework: Award-winning data grid and editor controls for uVID data business process workflows


  • Integrated suite of program management software applications including:
  • Opus Inspection’s industry leading dashboard solution, SysBOARD™ provides user configurable Dashboards built on the award winning Dundas technology, giving program managers real-time visibility of vehicle inspection program operations.  SysBOARD accesses all program data – OLTP, OLAP, and data warehouse.  As well as standard performance Dashboards, SysBOARD includes Analytical Dashboards specifically designed to take advantage of analytical data structures like OLAP.


    • Opus Inspection’s unified Data Access Suite, SysDAS™, provides extensive reporting and analytical capabilities, including drill-down reports, subscription services, configurable automatic time-based reporting, EPA reporting modules, trigger reports, ad hoc reports, and more.  Components include OLTP, OLAP, Data Warehouse, and Reporting Services solutions, as well as a custom web-based query builder.  Our SysDAS solution’s fully unified design makes it a truly “next generation” tool.


    • Opus Inspection’s SysAUDIT™ incorporates our innovative Applied Rules Tracking (ART™) system, which maintains an audit trail for each vehicle in the database.  SysAUDIT supports live and post-test video-based auditing as well as Statistical Process Control (SPC).  The SysAUDIT SPC tools are fully integrated with reporting and trigger applications.  SysAUDIT has many graphical reports with basic statistical summary information to improve the efficiency of government audit programs.


    • SysMANAGE™ is the I/M program administration tool.  It provides program management functions, configuration functions, inventory management functions, station and inspector management functions, lockout functions, and more.  SysMANAGE automatically performs activity logging that records date and time of all transactions, as well as database management actions, searches, changes, logins/-outs, uploads, and other vehicle inspection database system functions.


  • Vehicle emission inspection equipment including:
    • Highly precise gas analyzers for idle speed and dynamometer based inspections, including TSI, ASM, Transient, and more
    • Opacity meters for loaded and unloaded inspections of diesel vehicles
    • OBD diagnostic link connectors with the highest communication rates available
    • Highly reliable dynamometers for trouble-free operation
    • Gas cap testers to ensure leak-free vehicles
    • Evaporative emissions (fuel tank) testers with patented technology to ensure the fairest testing