Data Management

Opus Inspection delivers complete Data Management Solutions to Vehicle Inspection Programs.  We provide:

  • Vehicle Inspection Database solutions – small and large programs
  • State-of-the-art server systems architecture
  • Scalable Microsoft SQL Server and Oracle solutions
  • IT Network with real-time data transfer
  • Program Administration Suite
  • Powerful Reporting Suite
  • At-a-Glance Dashboards
  • Unified, secure web-based interfaces
  • Built-in, automated anti-fraud triggers

Data management provides the tools that makes a vehicle inspection program enforceable including:

  • Data Collection;
  • Data Reports;
  • Data Access;
  • Data Retention; and
  • Data Consistency.

The Opus Inspection solution provides a robust design with high performance, flexibility, reliability, and security. It makes use of the most advanced intranet and Internet technologies to ensure future expandability at low costs.

Data Collection

All data collected at the emissions inspection stations are compiled and maintained at a Opus Inspection designed computer center, with an offsite backup system at a secure, geographically separate data center.  Our systems offer real-time failover services to ensure a complete solution for business continuity.

Opus Inspection takes system uptime seriously.  Our dual location solution provides physical security, redundant power, and truly redundant connectivity.

Overview of the uVID infrastructure components

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Redundant components deliver high data reliability and uptime.  Each level of redundancy is designed to automatically failover to the working component if one fails, and the entire system is verified per our Business Continuity Plan (BCP) and its Disaster Recovery (DR) solution.  Opus Inspection’s data management system is not easily interrupted.

Data Reports

Data Access

Opus Inspection provides data storage capacity well above that required to store program data over the maximum contract term and all possible extensions.  Therefore, it is not necessary to archive or purge any data from the system.  All inspection results reside in an active data file and the data is accessible to screen for previous inspections.  Opus Inspection maintains the  latest database release version, which means that support for the system will not go out of date.

Data Retention

Opus Inspection retains backup copies of program data for as long as our clients require.  Backups are maintained in secure environments and can be audited at any time.

Data Consistency

Opus Inspection will migrate legacy databases into modern uVID systems in a manner that retains consistency in comparison with all legacy data fields in use.  Our data migration strategy both integrates the current data and flags it as legacy data.  Doing so provides the ability to generate reports that integrate the data where applicable, as well as segregate it where appropriate.  We have successfully accomplished implementation of such data consistency measures for several of our clients.