Program Administration

The Administrative System is the network control center. Program administrators control the entire I/M network through a browser-based Administrative Application. The Administrative Application interface provides the network with great flexibility: configuration options, quick response to changes, control over authorized users, ability to process exceptions, centralized management of financial transactions, quick communications, and much more.

The system allows program administrators to easily and inexpensively change test and calibration parameters and procedures. Important features such as program pass/fail cut points, calibration tolerance and frequency, and test procedures can be changed instantly through the unified Vehicle Inspection Database (uVID). This configurability advantage enables the State to make timely and effortless uVID changes that can have meaningful impact on the entire testing network, and avoid costly workstation software releases.

Administrative Applications are password-protected. The designated system administrator has the power to grant varying application access/permission levels to each user, as appropriate.

Elements in Opus Inspection’s Administrative System include the following functions:

  • Emissions Standards Configuration
  • Dynamometer Horse Power Loading Configuration
  • VLT Make Name Conversion Configuration
  • Station Configuration
  • Analyzer Configuration
  • Inspector and User Configuration
  • Network Configuration
  • Waiver Issuance
  • Lockout
  • Messaging
  • Inspection Retrieval/Reprint
  • Data File Refresh, and more.