CAL-EVAP 2010 Fuel Tank Tester

Opus Inspection’s ESP-brand CAL-EVAP 2010 combines latest Windows Mobile PDA Technology with simple and efficient pneumatics. Our CAL-EVAP 2010 successfully participated in the recent BAR EVAP Pilot Study and is certified by BAR for use in California’s Smogcheck stations.  It meets the latest BAR Fuel Tank Pressure Tester Performance Specification (12/2005). The ESP CAL-EVAP 2010 offers a brand-new design in an attractive handheld package.

The ESP Handheld CAL-EVAP 2010 is delivered complete with all required accessories (external filer and regulator, calibration tank, 30 ft. coiled hose, low/high 3-Point Calibration Wand, filler neck adapter set, tapered hose plug set and pinch pliers).


  • Fast Test Time
  • Proven Analyzer Design
  • Low Total CAL-EVAP 2010 Lifetime Cost, Resulting in Vast Emission Reduction
  • Fully Automated Test
  • Automated Software Updates
  • Built-in ETS Communication Interface
  • Built-in Diagnostics Software
  • Communication to Opus Inspection’s Data Depot for Transfer of Test Records