In 2008, Opus Inspection implemented the Bermuda Vehicle Inspection Program.  Inspection facilities test all vehicles in the country on Opus Inspection integrated lane systems. The Bermuda VIP features:

  • 60,000 inspections performed annually;
  • 45,000 certifications issued annually;
  • 9 vehicle test lanes;
  • 36 vehicle inspectors;
  • Fully automated inspection systems;
  • Real-time communication of all inspection-related data with all inspection lanes; and,
  • Integrated vehicle registration services.

Program facilities include automated inspection lanes that integrate a full complement of emissions and safety inspection equipment, including:

  • Gas Analyzer
  • Opacity Tester
  • Noise Meter
  • Brake Tester
  • Fuel Cap Tester
  • Headlight Tester
  • Motorcycle Dynamometer

The lane computer systems include biometric authentication, surveillance cameras, and handheld computers to provide a secure and convenient inspection process.