Opus Inspection ended operation of the emission testing program in Canyon County, Idaho in February 2015. Opus Inspection inaugurated the program in June 2010, the first emission testing program in the County.  Opus Inspection provided:

  • A newly designed VIDMS (vehicle inspection database management system) and communication network;
  • Manufacturing and delivery of emissions analyzers incorporating OBD, TSI, and Opacity inspections, as well as service provision to all inspection stations;
  • Equipment acceptance testing, station commissioning, inspector training and certification testing;
  • Assistance with programs for public relations, auditing, and waivers; and,
  • Contract arrangements for private inspection facilities that were all new to emission inspections.

With this complete portfolio, Opus Inspection provided a solution to fulfill all Idaho DEQ requirements.  The program was launched successfully, on schedule, within three and a half months.  This decentralized vehicle emissions inspection program serves approximately 150,000 vehicles in the Treasure Valley.