In June 2010, Opus Inspection began operating a new vehicle emissions testing program in Canyon County and the city of Kuna in Ada County.  For this first emission testing program in the region, Opus Inspection provided:

  • A newly designed VIDMS (vehicle inspection database management system) and communication network;
  • Manufacturing and delivery of emissions analyzers incorporating OBD, TSI, and Opacity inspections, as well as service provision to all inspection stations;
  • Equipment acceptance testing, station commissioning, inspector training and certification testing;
  • Assistance with programs for public relations, auditing, and waivers; and,
  • Contract arrangements for private inspection facilities that were all new to emission inspections.

With this complete portfolio, Opus Inspection provided a solution to fulfill all Idaho DEQ requirements.  The program was launched successfully, on schedule, within three and a half months. This decentralized vehicle emissions inspection program currently serves approximately 150,000 vehicles in the Treasure Valley.