Opus Inspection provides the products and services to support DEQ’s operation of a Vehicle Inspection Program in the Portland and Rogue Valley areas of Oregon.  In these areas, an emissions test is required when registering or renewing a vehicle with Oregon DMV.

Test Systems

Opus Inspection provides an innovative, high-tech Basic Two-Speed Idle Emissions Test System tailored to the specific needs and program requirements in Oregon.  Opus Inspection employed the decades of experience possessed by our people in developing this proposed solution.  In doing so, our goal has been to address the specific needs and concerns of Oregon’s government administrators while providing the public with accurate, consistent inspections in an environment that is closely monitored and easily managed by the governing agencies.


Oregon’s 24/7 self-service test lane OBD Kiosk, the first to be implemented in an I/M program, enables motorists to obtain OBD inspections at their own convenience.  The lane consists of a covered test lane containing OBD testing equipment placed behind a sliding wall on the driver’s side of the vehicle.  The Kiosk system can guide the driver through an OBD inspection at any time of day, offering outstanding convenience to Oregon motorists.

All Oregon inspection data, whether collected by test systems, kiosks, or Remote OBD units, is managed by the Opus Inspection-provided Vehicle Inspection Database Management System.

Oregon Self Service Kiosk Video