In 2010, Opus Inspection (under local company name ReviStar) implemented vehicle inspection facilities in the Republic of Perú.  Opus Inspection continues to provide successful operation of this program with:

  • 250,000 inspections performed annually;
  • 200,000 certifications issued annually;
  • 12 vehicle test lanes;
  • 24 vehicle inspectors;
  • Fully automated inspection systems;
  • Real-time communication of all inspection-related data with all inspection lanes; and,
  • Integrated vehicle registration services.

Our ReviStar facility performs comprehensive safety and emissions inspections on light and heavy duty vehicles.  These centralized multi-position inspection lanes automate the inspection process with equipment for:

  • Brake Test
  • Alignment Check
  • Side Slip/Suspension Test
  • Front-End Shaker Plate Test
  • Comprehensive Visual Inspection
  • Headlight Test
  • Gas Emissions Inspection
  • Diesel Opacity Inspection
  • Noise Inspection
  • Vehicle Cameras at each Position

The office systems integrate the document scanner, receipt printer, and VIR printer for a fully automated end-to-end solution.  Additionally, the interlinked multi-position lanes communicate to our vehicle inspection database (VID) which also provides real-time links to registration and enforcement systems.