Opus Inspection, under exclusive contract with the Commonwealth of Virginia Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ), provides Vehicle Emissions Inspection & Maintenance Program, Program Coordinator Services.  Opus provides over 530 inspection stations in northern Virginia with NVAS-2 OBD inspection equipment, and operates an advanced, cloud-based data management system for DEQ.

Key elements of the contract include:

–>      Develop, install and manage a new data management system including a communications network to connect all inspection stations in northern Virginia.

–>      Provide and maintain new NVAS-2 inspection equipment to the 531 Virginia inspection stations.

–>      Process approximately 900,000 inspections per year.

–>      Train and support certified inspectors.

–>      Provide call center support for inspection stations.

–>      Perform remote inspection data monitoring leveraging Opus Inspection’s proprietary technology to ensure inspection stations are properly performing inspections.

The new NVAS-2 equipment provided to the stations is California BAR 97 certified.  Its reliability and accuracy far exceeds that of any competitor’s system.  Furthermore, Opus Inspection will own the equipment and will be responsible for its maintenance to the highest quality standards for the duration of the contract.  Our latest innovations in data management connects the stations to the DEQ with real-time video and data communications and live, interactive applications to streamline the State’s oversight responsibilities.

On-road vehicle emissions inspection sites are being deployed in five cities and five counties in the Northern Virginia area as part of Air Check Virginia – the emissions testing program authorized by the Virginia Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ).

The program, called RAPIDPASS® Virginia, allows owners of vehicles subject to Air Check Virginia to quickly and easily meet their emissions inspection requirement during daily driving routines. Motorists simply drive through conveniently located on-road testing equipment positioned throughout Northern Virginia to have their vehicle emissions measured.  Owners of well-maintained, clean-running vehicles will receive notification of a passing emissions inspection via mail, or motorists can go online and enter their license plate number to check if their vehicle has been processed as clean. For vehicles identified as clean, owners can conveniently pay their inspection fee on-line or through the mail and proceed with their vehicle registration renewal. Taking advantage of RAPIDPASS® allows a motorist to skip the trip to a traditional testing station for the biennial emissions test.

Fifteen RAPIDPASS® on-road emissions testing systems are being conveniently distributed across more than 150 roadside mobile inspection locations in the Northern Virginia inspection area counties of Arlington, Fairfax, Loudoun, Prince William and Stafford, and the cities of Alexandria, Fairfax, Falls Church, Manassas and Manassas Park. The locations are positioned on frequently used thoroughfares and will be rotated throughout the month. Weekly site locations are posted

RAPIDPASS® is all about giving Virginians a choice that offers convenience and saves time and ultimately maintains the Commonwealth’s commitment to a healthier Virginia,” said ETEST CEO, Lothar Geilen.  “RAPIDPASS® inspections can be completed in less than a second during daily driving routines. This is a great example of how technology can help improve quality of life in the Commonwealth.”

Participation in the RAPIDPASS® program is voluntary; if a motorist passes RAPIDPASS® but chooses to test his or her vehicle at an emissions facility, they can simply pay the emissions fee at the station at that time. RAPIDPASS® costs the same as a standard emissions test at an emissions testing facility – $28.00. Inspection fee transactions and registration renewals can easily be processed online at no additional cost.


For more information about RAPIDPASS® Virginia, please visit our website at  or call our toll-free help desk at 1-844-727-7773 (844-PassRPD). Email inquiries:


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