Clean Screen

Remote Sensing Devices efficiently collect large quantities of vehicle emissions data which can be processed for use in many beneficial data applications.  With the popular Clean Screen application, owners of the lowest polluting, cleanest running vehicles can receive notice of an optional extension of their next scheduled station-based emissions test visit.

  • By earning a Clean Screen option a motorist can avoid their upcoming visit to a fixed emissions testing station for a traditional emissions test!
  • Motorists with qualifying vehicles get a Clean Screen notice in the mail that they can simply redeem with the required fees and that’s it, their emissions testing requirement is fulfilled!

Because the total repairable emissions inventory is highly skewed to a relatively small number of high emitting vehicles, the vast majority of vehicles can be eligible for this Clean Screen exemption.  The clean screen application is extremely popular with motorists because of the time-savings, money-savings and convenience of eliminating the emissions testing station visit.  The fees collected for Clean Screening can fund the collection of all RSD data and this same data set can be used for many other valuable applications.

For example, the Virginia RapidPass program complements a decentralized emissions inspection program and offers notified candidates a convenient website to redeem their Clean Screen option on-line.

The Colorado RapidScreen program is another example of how RSD clean screening allows notified candidates to pay their inspection fee when they pay their vehicle registration, eliminating yet another step in the process while saving time and money associated with a trip to the inspection station.