High Emitter Identification


Remote Sensing Devices can identify the worst polluting vehicles in the same way that the cleanest vehicles are identified.  Identification of the worst polluting vehicles in normal, on-road use can provide government agencies with additional options to encourage early repair of vehicles causing the majority of air quality problems in their jurisdiction.

Based on RSD high emitter identification screening, some government agencies issue notices of violation requiring the worst polluting vehicles to undergo a re-inspection at a fixed station in order to affect repairs, thereby reducing emissions to compliant levels.  Other agencies choose to immediately pullover high emitting vehicles identified by RSDs in order to conduct a hands on roadside inspection.  Still others choose to issue non-punitive notices advising motorists that their vehicles may have an emissions-related malfunction that could be covered under the manufacturer’s warranty.

Finding the worst polluting vehicles “off-cycle” (i.e. between their regularly scheduled emissions tests) with RSD data that can be collected as a part of a simultaneous clean screen effort makes for a cost-effective and convenient emissions inspection program complement that delivers additional air quality benefits.