Program Performance Evaluation / Fleet Characterization

I/M Program Evaluation:

RSD data can be used to:

  • Assess the effectiveness of overall vehicle emissions inspection programs (i.e. Inspection/Maintenance [I/M] Programs).
  • Evaluate entire fleets in geographic areas by comparing emissions of vehicles from I/M and non-I/M areas.
  • Assess the impact vehicles registered outside an I/M region (e.g. commuters or tourists) have on air quality within a program area.

Fleet Characterization:

RSD data can be used to:

  • compare computer emissions models to real-world emissions data (i.e. real driving emissions).
  • cost-effectively characterize emissions of entire vehicle fleets.
  • provide comparison data from I/M and non-I/M areas.
  • provide emissions by county and identify out-of-area commuters.
  • Identify specific vehicle make/models that emit excessively due to defeat devices or poor design.

The data used to perform these correlations can be collected and funded by the popular clean screen application.