Clean Screen Convenience

The Clean Screen application removes the inspection burden for qualifying motorists by eliminating the need for a testing station visit. This added convenience quickly makes the Clean Screen application very popular with motorists!

Emissions testing helps Northern Virginia meet Clean Air Act limits

“It’s cheap, it’s fast and when used properly it saves a lot of time and money for a vehicle’s owner…”
Delegete May
 Elements — The Magazine of Environmental Journalism

Ohio E-Check Program Getting Overhaul to include more testing centers, self-serve options

“Also on the horizon: a remote sensing unit that could scan cars as they drive by without the owner ever getting out…”

New technology helps decrease wait time for auto emissions test

“New technology in Williamson County could help decrease the wait time for auto emissions testing…”
WKRN – Nashville

Colorado Governor Owens at Clean Screen launch:

“RapidScreen is all about convenience for the consumer and maintaining our commitment to a healthier Colorado, testing your car is now as easy as driving past a RapidScreen van. After two consecutive clean readings, you can avoid a trip to the emissions testing station. This is a great example of how technology can help improve our quality of life”