Implementing Total Screen

Remote Sensing is a mobile on-road emissions measurement technology that has been designed to be efficiently and effectively deployed.  Once a jurisdiction opts to include the Total Screen implementation of RSD as a part of their program design, data collection can begin almost immediately.

Total Screen Integration into a program requires:

  • Access and integration to vehicle registration database
  • Access and integration to vehicle I/M database (applicable in most cases)
  • Access and integration in most programs has proven to be relatively easy to implement.

Integration with any existing emissions testing program is relatively easy.  Opus Inspection handles the entire integration process from start to finish, thereby making the transition nearly effortless for agency personnel.

We have successfully interfaced remote sensing programs with state agencies, I/M Vehicle Information Database (VID) providers and Departments of Motor Vehicles.  Opus Inspection is skilled and experienced in performing each and every element of a Total Screen program and, therefore, can deliver turnkey remote sensing services to any oversight agency seeking to improve their emissions inspection program.