Informative and Popular with Motorists

Clean screen is popular with motorists as a convenient alternative to a traditional station-based vehicle emissions inspection. Today, more than 85% of all motorists receiving a clean screen notification in the state of Colorado voluntarily participate in the program.  They enjoy the convenience of skipping their trip to the inspection station.

Opus Inspection surveyed participants in a Tennessee Clean Screen pilot program.  Clean Screen candidates received notices which included an OBD/Malfunction Indicator Light (MIL) information flyer. Survey results demonstrated the flyer improved understanding of the MIL and elicited earlier response to the Check Engine light.

The survey of motorists qualifying for Clean Screen validated the popularity of the program:

  • Overall convenience: 96% rated very or extremely valuable
  • Saving time for the motorist: 96% rated very of extremely valuable
  • Eliminating inconvenience: 96% rated very or extremely valuable
  • Contributing to protecting the environment: 77% rated very or extremely valuable
  • 98% of all survey respondents recommend the clean screen program to continue!

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