Total Screen Program Benefits

  • Clean Screen– Reward motorists that maintain clean running, low polluting vehicles by eliminating the need for a station visit.
  • 100% Self-Funding– Redeemed Clean Screen fees collected from motorists that have chosen to voluntarily participate pays for the entire program and all of the additional benefits a Total Screen program has to offer! – NO COST TO THE JURISDICTION!
  • High Emitter– As a voluntary or mandatory program design, a high emitter program reduces air pollution and improves air quality by advancing inspection and repair.
  • Program Validation and Auditing– The same dataset collected and paid for through a Clean Screen program can also be used to compare computer models to real world data, illustrate program effectiveness, identify commuter traffic contributions and isolate scofflaw violations. RSD data collected in the Total Screen program can be used as a tool for emissions inspection program design.
  • Smart Use of Technology– Demonstrates smart use of available technology by government to reduce some of the cost and burden placed on motorists obligated to take an emissions test.