What is Total Screen?

What is Total Screen?

Remote Sensing Devices efficiently collect large quantities of on-road vehicle emissions measurements that enable all RSD data applications and can be utilized to reward motorists, enforce in-use emissions standards, evaluate emissions inspection program performance and improve overall air quality.

“RSD Total Screen” is the complete and efficient combination of the extremely popular Clean Screen application with the highly effective High Emitter and Program Evaluation applications into a high value n-road complement to traditional station—based emissions inspection programs!

  • Clean Screening– This popular application rewards motorists that maintain clean running, low polluting vehicles by granting an extension of their next station based vehicle emission inspection – saving the motorist both time and money. Since vehicle emissions testing programs are looking for only the highest emitting vehicles, this popular application is available to the majority of motorists!
  • High Tailpipe & Evaporative Emitter identification– High Tailpipe and Evaporative Emitter identification applications combined with a scrap and or repair program can be adopted either through a voluntary or mandatory compliance actions to inform owners and repair or replace the highest polluting vehicles.
  • Program Fleet Validation– Real-driving emissions of the inspected vehicle fleet reveal a great deal about how effective the overall emission inspection program has been.  The USEPA recognizes several techniques for emissions inspection program evaluation that utilize RSD data.  Real-driving emissions when compared to computer emissions models can inform future inspection and maintenance program design.

Opus is proud to have launched the world’s first complete Total Screen program in the US state of Virginia in 2016.

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