About Us

Opus Inspection, is a multi-national company with over 1,100 employees dedicated exclusively to motor vehicle inspection.

Opus is a fully vertically integrated company with operations in 24 of the United States and several countries.  Building on an unmatched record of success and customer satisfaction, Opus Inspection has become the industry leader in providing professionally managed solutions for centralized and decentralized I/M programs that apply leading edge technology to data management, safety and emissions testing equipment, and on-road Remote Sensing.  Opus also provides vehicle diagnostic and reprogramming services through subsidiary Drew Technologies..

Opus manages 7 centralized vehicle inspection programs in the U.S., far more than the rest of the industry combined.

Opus Inspection manages more decentralized inspection stations than any of our competitors. Among others we implemented the New York State emission testing program (NYVIP2) in December, 2013, which included building and installing nearly 10,000 inspection analyzers.

Opus manages international inspection programs in Mexico, Perú, Pakistan, Bermuda and Sweden.

Our roots go deep, representing nearly 40 years of I/M industry innovation.  In 1974, we were the first company to provide computerized emissions analyzer testing systems for vehicle inspection programs.  In 1976, we began the first contractor managed vehicle inspection program in the US.  Our System1 Gen3 inspection system, designed in 2013, is our most current generation of computerized inspection equipment and it provides state-of-the-art accuracy and reliable functionality. 

Opus provides a full complement of program management services for our vehicle inspection clients.  We work in partnership with government agencies to manage any or all aspects of their regulated programs.  These services are applicable to both centralized and decentralized vehicle inspection station networks.

Centralized Inspection Programs

Centralized networks are owned and operated by a single entity, which can be a government agency or Opus Inspection under a contract to the agency.  Centralized program management services typically follow a “design, build, and

operate” (DBO) model wherein Opus Inspection provides all of the initial capital funding along with the expertise to locate an appropriate number of fully equipped and staffed inspection stations that will provide both geographic and demographic convenience

to the motoring public.

Decentralized Inspection Programs

Decentralized networks of inspection stations are owned and operated by independent businesses.  Decentralized program management services typically involve qualification of inspection stations; provision of equipment and telecommunication connectivity; and heavy emphasis on quality assurance and auditing to control and reduce inspection fraud.

By contracting with Opus Inspection, our clients can obtain complete turn-key solutions for vehicle inspection, or specific elements of their program requirements delivered by our experienced, dedicated team, whichever best meets their needs.

Praise from Our Customers

The following are brief excerpts, first from the Missouri RFP Evaluation Report followed by reference letters Opus Inspection has received from various programs.

The Missouri Evaluation Report was released on May 30, 2007 after the contract award to Systech (Opus Inspection). It states the following summary under the subjective category “Reliability and Experience” based on various phone calls with the company’s current customers:

The committee believes that Systech International [Opus Inspection] has the most experience in developing new VIDMSs under short deadlines and is fully dedicated to its vehicle inspection program contracts. Based upon the references contacted, Systech International has a track record of exceeding or meeting their commitments. The committee reviewed Systech’s experience and references and felt that Systech came most highly recommended as being capable of delivering a decentralized vehicle inspection program that would meet the State’s expectations and that would be delivered on time.

The same Missouri Report states under the category “Method of Performance”:

Systech International [Opus Inspection] offered comprehensive comment form submittal, tracking and response. Systech proposed to partner with a third party ISP. The committee liked that Systech offered both live and video training designed by Delphi Integrated Service Solutions. The committee was impressed that Systech offered an average response time of 4 business hours and a maximum response time of one business day, coupled with a comprehensive maintenance plan. The committee felt that the inspection equipment and software design offered was a complete system that is highly flexible and functional. The committee liked that Systech offered thorough windshield sticker tracking reports. The committee liked mobile printers that give department auditors the ability to issue waivers in the field. Systech offered excellent audit management and trigger report software. The committee liked the fingerprint scanner and the rationale for that choice offered for inspector/VIDMS interface security. Systech proposed a comprehensive access to standard and ad-hoc reports and user friendly reporting tools. The committee appreciated Systech’s offer to have their engineering staff attend the quarterly software update meetings. In summary, Systech International’s proposal was both comprehensive and innovative, and the committee felt that this proposal was the best match for the State’s requirements contained in the RFP.

Comments from the following reference letters further reveal our commitment to customer satisfaction:

Mr. Steven Coe, Regional Air Shed Manager of the State of Idaho DEQ stated:

“Over the past 7 months since implementation Systech [Opus Inspection] has been very responsive and willing to make changes for the betterment of the program. The program and equipment is working as expected and promised.  Systech has provided many resources and changes which were requested by the state, but not required in the contract. This level of service has been appreciated. This new program has received many praises from other jurisdictions interested in moving to a similar system. A quote from conversations with Officials from the OBD Clearing house “…the new Idaho program has set the bar for I/M programs nationwide…”

Mr. Brian Stern, Purchasing Agent of the State of Rhode Island stated:

“Although the program is in its early stages, the performance of this vendor has been outstanding.  The movement from the prior vendor to the new program was a high-risk complicated process.  Systech [Opus Inspection] not only came in ahead of schedule, but also showed an immediate service and speed improvements at our inspection facilities…  In closing, thus far I would certainly place Systech in our top tier of State vendors.”

This is what Mr. Gerry Preston, Oregon DEQ Program Manager said six months after program start date:

“Systech [Opus Inspection] has provided fair price quotes, timely delivery schedules, and reliable hardware and software with each change order.  Oregon has been impressed with the level of responsiveness Systech has provided to accommodate our evolving needs.  There are few contractors that provide this level of service six years after the initial delivery and setup.”

Mr. Jim Brande, Director of Salt Lake Valley Health Department stated:

“We were impressed with the performance of Systech [Opus Inspection] during the development of the VIDMS; particularly given the very short time frame we placed upon them. (The time from signing the contract to implementation was less than 90 days.) We were greatly impressed with the resources they made available during the process and their strong determination to complete the project within that given time period.”

Mr. Ted Kotsakis, former Manager of the State of Oregon Vehicle inspection Program under the Department of Environmental Quality praised Systech (Opus Inspection) by stating:

“Oregon’s experience in working with Systech [Opus Inspection] and their ability to meet our needs is extraordinary.  Oregon would recommend Systech for any project regardless of its size.  Systech has more than demonstrated their ability to step to the plate and meet the challenge.”

Mr. Andy Munson, Division Manager at the Connecticut Department of Motor Vehicles praises the State’s working relationship with Systech (Opus Inspection) by saying:

“Systech [Opus Inspection] was chosen for many reasons.  Their reputation is impeccable and they come highly regarded … I can attest to the fact that their work here has been ahead of what our own IT professionals are accustomed to … After evaluating proposals for our EDBMS RFP, the bottom line was that Systech simply offered a far better product at a lower cost than their competitors.”