Data Analysis

Our uVID suite combines powerful tools into a single interface so the user can perform tasks like configuration, reporting, and analysis without having to navigate between several pages.  We provide audience-centric views (for example, a page incorporating all tools used by an auditor) and entity-based pages (for example, a page incorporating all tools used to manage a station).  SysDAS™, our uVID Data Access Suite, provides each user a central point of access to all of the following through a web-based reporting solution:

  • Reporting and querying for transactional and analytical (multi-dimensional) data.
  • Real-time ad hoc queries and reports for transactional and analytical data.
  • Fraud detection reports and tools for transactional and analytical data.
  • SysBOARD™, offering “at a glance” views of transactional and analytical data.

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Opus Inspection’s unified Data Access Suite, SysDAS™ provides the I/M industry’s most extensive reporting and analytical capabilities, including drill-down reports, subscription services, configurable automatic time-based reporting, EPA reporting modules, trigger reports, ad hoc reports and more.  Components include OLTP, OLAP, Data Warehouse, and Reporting Services solutions, as well as a custom web-based query builder.  Our SysDAS solution’s fully unified design makes it a truly “new generation” tool.

The Opus Inspection Data Access Suite allows access to valuable reports that can be used for a wide range of purposes. It is the most significant tool for the Inspection and Maintenance (I/M) Program Manager and for the responsible government agency, enabling I/M program assessment and optimization.

Filters include selectable date ranges and more, and each report and dashboard offers multiple drill-down options for a complete view of safety and OBD inspection statistics, audit reports, and service reports.

All reports are generated in a readable format and printable.  In addition, they can be exported to multiple formats including Acrobat PDF, Excel, XML, CSV, TIFF, and Web Archive formats and saved for reference.

We define the initial report formats with the client during joint application development (JAD) sessions at the start of the contract.  Further, we support our client’s reporting needs throughout the contract term by offering a SysDAS and reporting specialist from our software engineering team to provide additional reports as program needs evolve.

We’re happy to discuss Opus Inspection’s reporting solution, including the ability to produce EPA and State required reports. Ask us about any of the following topics:

  • uVID Reporting Solution Overview
  • Data Elements Captured and Retained
  • Report Type
  • EPA Reporting Requirements
  • Data Analysis Methodologies
  • Subscriptions and Notification
  • Dashboards
  • Ad Hoc Queries and Reports
  • Sticker Inventory Management and Distribution Reports
  • Maintenance Activity Reporting
  • Fraud Detection and Trigger Reports

Our reports easily allow for station-to-station and inspector-to-inspector performance comparisons and various assessments. The display filters can be used extensively to compare not only throughput, but also factors such as fail rates, no OBD communications reasons, dynamometer bypass reasons, input methods (auto/manual), and much more.