DMV Interface

Opus Inspection recognizes the vital importance of the data link between the uVID (unified Vehicle Inspection Database) and a DMV (Department of Motor Vehicles or equivalent agency) registration system. Opus Inspection has developed compliance interfaces to communicate with legacy DMV systems in many programs. The result is effective and efficient vehicle registration enforcement.

These interfaces have included both real-time and batch mode data transfers, depending on program requirements and legacy system capabilities.

DMV interfaces: Real-Time and FTP

The Opus Inspection team is superbly qualified to develop software capable of transmitting information between agencies using different Internet and software protocols, particularly in the vehicle inspection program arena. We have designed, developed, and implemented agency-to-agency links in many vehicle inspection programs, including:

  1. City of Memphis
  2. State of Rhode Island
  3. State of Washington
  4. New York City Taxi & Limousine Commission (TLC)
  5. State of Connecticut

We work with each agency to determine the communication method, data format, and data transformations involved. We first implement the data transformations in our system, to avoid difficult and expensive changes to the state agencies’ legacy systems.