Funds and Inventory

Opus Inspection has implemented systems to manage test authorizations and stickers for inspection stations and the corresponding bank transfers in both POS (Point-Of-Sale) and inventory management systems.

Managing and controlling inventory and cash flow is critical to program success. Opus Inspection has extensive experience in programs involving point-of-sale transactions, including tracking cash flows, emission certificates, and tag inventory.

Our banking application allows the uVID to perform ACH banking transactions between the test stations/provider and appropriate government agencies for automatic collection of government and program administration fees.

Using our decentralized uVID, stations order test authorizations and pay-by-bank-transfer through our banking application. Opus Inspection’s application then controls and manages the inventory of these test authorizations until depleted.

In centralized programs, Opus Inspection has significant experience in designing POS and banking applications for inspection and maintenance programs. The centralized State of Washington emissions program is using a POS application, allowing motorists to perform credit/debit card payments for the inspection fee.