Opus Inspection was awarded a contract by the Municipality of Anchorage Department of Health and Human Services to manage and operate the city’s official I/M Referee Facility. On January 1, 2010, Opus Inspection began by providing a new facility with highly qualified automotive technicians who supply valuable services to the motoring public and vehicle inspection businesses throughout the Municipality.

Anchorage attained the federal air quality standards and was able to discontinue its I/M program at the end of February 2012. Accordingly, the Referee Facility was closed as of March 1, 2012.

Our Referee Facility resolved disputes by performing tests for vehicle owners who disagreed with the findings of a local I/M Station. The Referee Facility was also responsible for the inspection of certain vehicles that could not be inspected at an I/M Station, such as those which have non-standard engines. In addition, the Referee Facility conducted specialized testing and vehicle modifications as directed by the Municipality.

Opus Inspection employees provided I/M program support services at the Referee Facility, including proctoring hands-on tests to applicants who wished to become Certified I/M Technicians, providing I/M training workshops, and conducting Quality Assurance Audits at local I/M facilities.  Opus Inspection’s national call center supported the Referee Facility by acting as an information resource for I/M Technicians in Anchorage.

Opus Inspection first released its innovative online appointment system for the Anchorage Referee Program, providing online access allowing motorists to self-schedule appointments at their convenience.