For the California Smog Check Program, Opus Inspection offers a complete range of inspection tools that include ESP brand inspection equipment and our CAL-EVAP 2010 Fuel Tank Tester.  For more information on ESP Equipment click here.

Our CAL-EVAP 2010 Fuel Tank Tester is the culmination of a brand new and innovative concept integrating powerful computing technology with small-sized fuel tank tester pneumatics and electronics into one package.  Utilizing the latest Windows Mobile PDA technology, it provides inspection stations the most recent technological advancements, including a large color display for user guidance and presentation of test results, with menu driven software and automated testing, all in one package.  Primary CAL-EVAP 2010 components include:

  • Computer with color display, USB interface, IrDA interface and CF card slot
  • CAL-EVAP 2010 enclosure
  • CAL-EVAP 2010 internal I/O board with USB interface
  • 2 solenoids
  • Absolute pressure sensor
  • Relative pressure sensor
  • Ambient temperature sensor
  • RS232 serial communication port
  • USB 2.0 communication port
  • Modem for communication with Opus Inspection data depot
  • Pressure relief valve set to 3 PSI
  • Gas cap adapter set for 95% of all vehicles
  • 30 ft. coiled hose connecting CAL-EVAP 2010 to compressed air supply
  • Pinch pliers, plugs and other accessories
  • 12 VDC power supply

Our CAL-EVAP 2010 design means a fully integrated analyzer that performs the test without the need for any other equipment.  The color display guides the operator through the test and provides visual and audio notifications of status.

All software utilized to compute test results, cut points, vehicle-specific information, and operating instructions is conveniently uploaded via the modem, which is included in the system.  Our deployment includes a central “data depot” system to collect the information from all CAL-EVAP 2010 units, serving as a vehicle inspection database (VID) for all field units, allowing a State or jurisdiction to add the Fuel Tank Tester as a standalone evaporative testing program providing added emissions reductions to the regular I/M program for evaporative testing.