In 2007, Opus Inspection implemented the State of Missouri Gateway Vehicle Inspection Program in a time frame of less than five months.  Opus Inspection continues to provide successful operation of this program with:

  • 1 million inspections performed annually;
  • 900,000 certifications issued annually;
  • 812 vehicle test lanes;
  • 4,200 vehicle inspectors;
  • Fully automated inspection systems;
  • Real-time communication of all inspection-related  data with all inspection lanes;
  • Integrated vehicle registration services; and,
  • Integrated safety inspection software.

Opus Inspection implemented this decentralized program with several important features:

  • Electronic, real-time verification of safety and emissions inspections for the Missouri Department of Revenue, Division of Motor Vehicles fee offices who contract with the state to conduct vehicle registrations;
  • State-of-the-art fraud prevention including automated VIN mismatch detection and biometric inspector authentication;
  • Competitive pricing; and,
  • Responsive technical support within one business day or less.

For more information on GVIP, visit the program site at http://www.dnr.mo.gov/gatewayvip/index.html.