Opus Inspection was awarded the State of Wisconsin contract for vehicle inspection services in August 2011.  The program features:

  • 750,000 inspections performed annually;
  • 650,000 certifications issued annually;
  • 200 vehicle test lanes;
  • 1,200 vehicle inspectors;
  • Fully automated inspection systems;
  • Real-time communication of all inspection-related data with all inspection lanes; and,
  • Integrated vehicle registration services.

Converting the program from the legacy centralized program, Opus Inspection established agreements with a wide network of service stations in seven counties.  The new stations provide all official vehicle inspections using new Opus Inspection equipment.

Opus Inspection has based the new program on four basic themes to provide the best design for the State of Wisconsin Motor Vehicle Inspection Program (WIVIP):

  • Present the most convenient proposition for motorists and most seamless transition possible, by engaging 200 local business as Private Inspection Facilities (PIFs);
  • Implement up-to-the-minute technology that is truly designed for maximum functionality, ease of use, unparalleled reliability, and that has been field proven (in similar configurations) in other programs;
  • Offer a long list of exciting innovative new products and services not found in any other program to date; and
  • Maintain constant customer awareness throughout our organization, focusing on motorists who drive into our stations and State officials who rely on accurate, clearly presented data and reports.
The new WIVIP program includes the following Opus Inspection products and services:
  • PIF Selection, Recruitment and Contracting;
  • Technical Assistance Centers;
  • Repair Facility Registration and Recognition;
  • Vehicle Inspection Database Management System;
  • All new OBD Test Equipment;
  • Training;
  • Integrated Vehicle Registration Renewal Services;
  • Customer Support/Phone Operations; and,
  • Public Information Program.

For more information, visit the program website:  State of Wisconsin Motor Vehicle Inspection Program (WIVIP).