Remote Sensing Technology

Opus Inspection’s unique Remote Sensing Devices (RSDs) are specially designed vehicle emissions analyzers that are placed roadside to measure real driving emissions using low-intensity infrared and ultraviolet light beams to remotely analyze exhaust as vehicles pass by.

Opus Inspection RSDs are the original technology that revolutionized the vehicle emissions inspection industry over 25 years ago.  Today’s 5th generation RSD technology is unmatched in its on-road emissions measurement capability, performance, safety, and ease of use.  Opus’ RSD5000 can collect thousands of measurements of real-driving emissions in the time it takes a single vehicle to be tested on a laboratory dynamometer or using portable emissions measurement systems.  Opus Inspection’s automated remote sensing data validation algorithms, based on 25 years of real-world experience, sort and deliver only the highest quality and most suitable real driving emissions measurements to each of the many applications our remote sensing data can support.

Our comprehensive turnkey remote sensing services were developed by the world’s most experienced engineers and analysts in the field of remote sensing.  We collect more than 13 million valid RSD measurements annually in our many operating programs.  We are the ONLY ones to have proven and published results for screening low and high-emitting vehicles, evaluating entire emissions inspection programs, identifying cheating carlines, and detecting fraudulently inspections.  Our published reports number in the hundreds.

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Our turnkey remote sensing services can improve an emissions inspection program’s convenience, effectiveness and public image.  Contact us for a thorough review of how Opus Inspection remote sensing service can improve your vehicle emissions inspection program.

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