RSD Data Applications

Remote Sensing Devices efficiently measure in-use vehicle emissions generating large datasets that can be used for a number of “value-adding” benefits to motorists, and government jurisdictions responsible for emissions testing programs.

Data collected using Remote Sensing Devices can be used to reward motorists who maintain clean running, low polluting vehicles.  Owners of these low polluting vehicles can be offered an exemption from their upcoming vehicle inspection thereby saving them time, effort and expense to travel to a fixed testing location (Clean Screen).

Remote sensing data can also be used to find the very high polluting vehicles which contribute disproportionally to a region’s vehicle emissions inventory.  Owners of these vehicles can be contacted through voluntary or mandatory regulatory Agency follow-up and informed about emissions control system malfunctions that are raising emissions, reducing their fuel economy and leading to more complex and costly repairs in the future.

Additionally, the on-road data collected by RSD can be utilized by state agencies responsible for emissions inspection programs to evaluate the overall program effectiveness.  In this way, it can validate emissions control strategies and inform future program decisions.